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my dad is dating my boss, and they want me to go to couples therapy with them
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People tend to be attracted to strength confidence, physical beauty, assertiveness, etc. So long as you act from neediness and fear, you will probably turn off the men you date or encourage them to dominate you. This goes for this boyfriend, and probably any others you might find for yourself. I understand that you feel as though you cannot do without this boyfriend. In fact, it seems pretty safe for me to say that it is positively unhealthy for you to allow yourself to be paralyzed with fear over the threat of loss of this man. These are just feelings, and they will hurt for a while but will not really harm you.

They will go away as you find other social opportunities. If you are beautiful and smart and accomplished as you suggest, chances are good that other men will court you as it becomes known that you are available. Whether you stay with this man or leave, I think it is imperative and important that you start to do things to raise your confidence level.

If you are depressed, you should consider seeing a doctor and asking about anti-depressant medication. It would also be a good idea to perhaps seek out psychotherapy, both to help you with your depression, and also to help you explore and perhaps outgrow the fears that are holding you back and making you feel that you are nothing without this man who frankly sounds low-quality rate to me.

It would be a good idea to do some activities just because they give you pleasure — to ask as though you were deserving of feeling good. It would be a good idea to listen to your sister more, and less to the fears in your head. You are your own worse enemy, and unless you take action to help yourself become more confident, I fear that your life will not go in a happy direction. More "Ask Anne" View Columnists. For those seeking addiction treatment for themselves or a loved one, the MentalHelp. Our helpline is offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment.

Our positions shifted around, and he was my boss for a few months, but by then we were living together and so past the potentially rocky dating phase. We had no worries we would split up and have discomfort at work. Even seeing each other every day at work, and commuting cycling together, we never got tired of each other.

He proposed very romantically just over a year later, we got married and now have two amazing young kids! My spouse and I met at work about ten years ago and we worked together for several years before becoming romantically involved - he was my boss at the time and we still work together although he is not in charge of my compensation, etc. We were both "older" late 30s - early 40s when we met, and had both been unhappily married before, so I think people at the office were actually kind of glad for us.

It wasn't a yucky office party hookup or anything like that - we have a no-drama-at-work rule and I'm sure if we broke up tomorrow we'd still want to work together. There is another long-term couple at our workplace as well.

Relationship With My Boss #1

I know that workplace romances get a bad rap but not all of them are disasters. Yes, I did and we have been together for over 12 years, married for 5. It was just a case of meeting at the right place at the right time, things clicking and not being able to live without each other. On top of that, we're expecting our second daughter in 4 weeks: I met my current boyfriend at work. He moved to Ontario from Nova Scotia to work for the same company as me.

He was single and looking to meet new people. My boss introduced him to a few of my female co-workers that he thought would make a good match for him. He didn't really get along with any of them and told our boss he was more interested in me. My boss gave him his blessing and he and I have been happy together ever since! We no longer work together but still have fond memories of the days where we had to make sure we would "bump into each other" for a quick kiss when no one was looking. I dated a co-worker once. We now have two grown kids and are months away from our 33rd Anniversary.

And I married her. Best decision I ever made. I'm a year-old male and have twice dated co-workers. The first lasted about 3 years started when I was about 22 years old and the second for 7 years started when I was about While neither experience ended up the way I would have liked I wouldn't change either for anything. Work is a great place to meet people, you at least share that common interest.


Both woman were are intelligent, articulate and attractive and I considered myself quite lucky both times. And now I'm just a happily married old guy but look back on those days with a smile on my face!! Did you know Canada?!? Not a good idea if you have big career plans at your workplace. Everybody loves to gossip and it will get out. I have a business in which one of my partners began a relationship with an employee of his. Ultimately it meant an end to the partnership and an end to the friendship as well.

Mixing business with a relationship can have disastrous effects and in our case terminal effects. Dont do it, don't be stupid enough to both risk the business relationship and the personal relationship. I dated a co-worker briefly from another department, it did not work out due to personal circumstances on her side. We remained professional and quite friendly in the office, we were both mature enough in our late twenties to forgo the drama. Would I date through work again?

The answer is yes depending on the right woman, I would try to avoid my immediate team for obvious reasons. Nice to hear there are success stories out there but I've always taken my fathers advice 'a dog doesn't poop where he eats. Face it, you probably spend more time at work than elsewhere so it makes sense the odds are greater you'll hook up with someone. Yes, this really stood out to me too. Listen to your friends, LW!

This job is not going to open doors. It is toxic and seems to be getting worse. Cut your losses and get out. I think some people really fall for that myth that youre not supposed to talk smack about the other parent after divorce. That being a good divorced parent is to be ridiculously amicable. But of course its the dad who takes the prize here. Oh LW, this is heartbreaking.

The people in your life who you quite reasonably expect to have more maturity and wisdom than you are failing you horribly. OP, none of this is normal. Anyone who tells you otherwise is gaslighting you. But absolutely none of that is your fault. And until you can do so, please look after yourself as best as you can, and know that none of this is your fault. It was horribly toxic and dysfunctional. Getting out of a dysfunctional work place was the best thing I did for my mental health and physical health at the time, considering the black mold, but anyway.

You will find another job. You will find something that works for you. You are not a terrible person for quitting a job less than a year in. Also, your dad kind of sucks right now. So quit that job, take a step back. I quit my first job out of school after 9 months. Quit without anything lined up. At the time I felt like I was making some horrible mistake that would haunt me for years. Everything turned out just fine. Did some temping and part time stuff for a few months, and then found another full time job.

And my mom really pushed me to stay.

Office Sex: 10 Men And Women Share Their Workplace Tryst Stories | HuffPost

I waited tables for a couple months and found an amazingly great job that launched a decent career path for me. Best decision I ever made. I let myself be talked into staying a year before applying elsewhere…. I was just beyond unhappy, depressed, dreading getting out of bed in the morning, crying on the way to the office…. Once I got into a functional office, I realized just how damn ridiculous it was to stay there a second longer than I had to. The best thing that happened for me in that job was when they let me go.

It helped that they were so messed up, after telling me Friday would be my last day, they begged me to stay another week when they realized how much I was handling. Know that your perspective is the correct one, and that there are sane employers out there. It was only though another job I realised that sometimes going to work could be fun. I have not had a significant other who did not know from the start that my adult kids were off-limits.

You do not mess with my children. Yeah … I google and run background checks on anyone I am considering introducing to my kids. Even if they were adults, I would still do it. I think the dad here could learn this lesson. I just thought the same thing. Yeah, your dad sucks. Putting a new partner above your children is a big no-no.

Starbucks, temp agencies, Craigslist, Mechanical Turk, driving for Uber, whatever you can get to cobble together a living while looking for something more permanent. I would add here that a retail or food service job might be a great move at this stage. Something with clear, set hours and clear or clearer goals. Something to erase this hell of an institution that you have fallen into. Structure, even for minimum wage, might be a good thing to strive for as you figure out your next move.

Yes, my favorite part about restaurant work is that at the end of your shift you go home, leave the job behind and start a new shift the next day. Like a doctor, but without the pay or respect. I used to work in a grocery store and would often not get my schedule for the following week starting Sunday until Friday or Saturday. It would be posted in my department on the bulletin board. Even a small increase in schedule predictability sounds like an improvement for OP at this point. If you had ten years of 9-month jobs? If you have ONE 9-month job, your first job out of grad school???

But it was just like … mundane bad. I now have a career. I feel very good about where I am right now. Sharing my story because every time I did leave it was an intolerable person and my intolerable people all pale in comparison to yours. I was fired 8 months into my first job out of college. I was absolutely devastated, partially because it took me about seven months to get that job.

Six weeks later, I had a new job closer to my field of study that offered real career growth. LW, you can absolutely recover from several months of job hunting and a short stint at a job. OP, you are totally not at fault for the amount of dysfunction being thrown at you. Most not profits have board of directors, if you have a good relationship with any of the board members it might be worth bring her insane behavior to their attention.

Find a bunch a part-time jobs at Starbuck, the Gap, McDonald, whatever it is you have to do because this House of Evil Bees is going to be more stressful than working multiple part-time crappy jobs. OP, please leave now and find PT work to sustain you until the next career position comes around. I was going to say the same thing, particularly about the any-job-is-better thing. Gig based jobs Uber, Task Rabbit, Wag, etc can also help fill in the financial gap while you search for a new full time job. The flexible schedules fit nicely around other part time work, interviews and such.

Also try Doordash, Eat24, those kinds of things. I second going to the board, whom you mention being on good terms with. Let them know you are going to quit, and explain why in as much dispassionate detail as possible, focusing on specific inappropriate requests babysitting, therapy, etc. It will likely come down hard on your father. He is a big boy, he made his bed, and he has completely thrown you under the bus this woman is driving. Hopefully he will end up out of the relationship and will someday apologize and the two of you can toast to being free of her.

Because Jill is a sack full of mean crazy and people like that do what they do for their own reasons. Yes—OP you mention that board members have gone out of their way to compliment your work before. Either way, you should reach out to them, express some professionally worded concerns about your boss and ask for help with the situation.

You can probably even ask them for help with a job search, frankly. I feel extremely uncomfortable about this. When I expressed that Boss stated she would make it a requirement for my job. Yeah, and maybe I would broach in the sense that you wanted to let them know you are actively looking and are hoping to get some recommendations at a later time due to the unreasonable behavior your boss is showing. I think it depends on what OP knows of the Board. If Jill is the founder of ther organization and got to pick the Board, they might be sympathetic to OP but disinclined to do much.

Some Boards seem to have brought into the idea that big Personalities get more leeway in their behavior. She loses this job that she already needs to leave, and works at Starbucks? If you approach the board, do it to ask for a reference and if they know anyone with an opening. If you at all enjoy caring for the child, register as a babysitter on care. You now have experience! I was going to come up with a top ten list of most unprofessional, inappropriate workplaces in television and movies.

Oh there have been so many terrible ones. At the top of the list are probably like Cheers and House. Ally McBeal comes to mind. Also, I would not let yourself be fired by this looney tune, I think that would rankle with me for a long time. OP, others are going to deal with the horribleness of the situation. Just pick up the phone and do it without any hestiation. You have so much support just right here. It will all be okay, I promise. Also, think about getting in touch with people from your student internship to line up non-Jill references.

Yeah, if your mom is giving you such useless advice already, OP, do not involve her or your dad in any of your worksearch stuff. You will never regret quitting right this second. I quit my first job with less time and less toxic bosses and was able to find a new great!

Paid me more and better benfits right away. Or, as proposed below, a temp agency! Because of the bizarre and ever changing schedule it may make it near to impossible to interview for another job while still trying to work with Jill. This may be part of her strategy, who knows. Yes, I think this, too. Also going to throw out one more suggestion… get thee to a temp agency to get you out of this situation in the short term. They will probably help you with your resume to get you into placements.

You can concentrate on finding a new forever ok, more permanent position while you are temping. I did an AC role for two terms and am happy to answer questions in the comments!

Office Sex: 10 Men And Women Share Their Workplace Tryst Stories

This is a great suggestion. They do a lot of relocated placements too IIRC , this may be the ticket for the OP to get some space from her family and get some independence. When I was right out of school I applied to like 50 jobs and 3 AmeriCorps positions and got offers from all three AmeriCorps places. With a grad degree under your belt, you would be even more attractive to AC employers. There are quite a few especially the ones based in colleges that offer housing and meal plans along with the living stipend, I would absolutely recommend looking into them!

You should post on the Friday thread! More details about what you do and are looking for would make the advice more helpful, plus I know there are a bunch of other AmeriCorps alums who read regularly. Yes, this might be a situation where a temp position or a series of such is the perfect solution. I applied to I think , got 11 interviews and 2 offers over the course of five months. I have friends who went from undergrad straight to grad school and then tried to find non-academic work afterward — they were underqualified for half of the jobs due to lack of job experience and overqualified for the other half of the jobs due to the graduate degree e.

Maybe their advice would also be helpful as well, maybe not. They probably have alumni they can put you in touch with who work in the area and field you want to be in. They may even have their own job board with postings that are targeted at new grads.

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Thank you for saying this! I was coming here to basically say the same thing. OP, if you are using the same job search strategy now that you used back then, you need to re-evaluate right now and change tactics. I also want to say that I totally feel for you and I really hope you get out of this situation soon. May I suggest you try a temp agency if you need income until you find a permanent placement? They may even be able to find you one. Everything in this letter is Not Okay.

Remove yourself from that job, revamp your resume, and apply apply apply! If you are halfway competent, employers are usually amazed at getting a temp that can do the job and gets your foot in the door for permanent positions. The third place I temped succeeded in creating a position and hired me. By the time I left that company 8 years later I was senior to the person who supervised my temp assignment!

Temping can be a great foot in the door. They wanted to hire me but I was a student returning to school. This is an actual conversation I had at my first office temp job my third time temping, first time working in an office. Oh, I already told them! Yes — a temp agency could be a great option.

Temping can be a great way to learn about different office cultures, meet a lot of people, and get exposure to different companies. And even if some assignments are crappy, at least then it has an end date! I hear great things about how they treat their employees. The last thing you need is toxic workplace 2.

Plus a million to this! If you happen to be near Boston, my name is linked to the temp agency I used. They were wonderful, and I ended up getting offered several and taking one very good permanent job through them! They are very strict with the employer about about hours and working conditions, you always have someone you can ask for advice, and you can totally opt out of personality drama. If you have basic — really basic — admin skills, you can get work quickly. A lot of larger companies use temp-to-perm roles for hiring, because they allow management to really see how you fit in the job.

Some of my best permanent jobs came from temp placements. Somehow the couples counselling turned out to be not the worst part of this letter? If I were a cartoon figure, my mouth would be hitting my desk, halfway through reading this. Imagine trying to fit all the not-good stuff here into the title.

The title would basically be the length of the letter. None of this makes sense! It made less and less sense as the letter went on. There are just mounds and mounds of inappropriate going on here. OP, your boss does not represent the rest of the working world and remember that, due to her incompetence, she probably needs you at least as much as you need your salary.

I read Alison say to quit with nothing lined up if you can afford to and I did a dramatic gasp. I spent at least two years once trying to get out of a toxic job situation and was getting nowhere. It was nowhere as bad as this, but I was still grinding my teeth in my sleep and was diagnosed with dangerously high blood pressure at the age of Six weeks later I had a job that paid significantly better than my previous one, with an awesomely nice and reasonable boss, walking distance to my house.

Not to say it would necessary work out that way for the OP, but hopefully it would. Sometimes not working frees you up from the stress so you can devote all of your time to the job search. I wish I had left years earlier ….

Dating My Boss

I had a similar situation! Horrible boss, similar tactics to Jill in this letter for a year and trying desperately to find something after graduating with a masters. I took the plunge and put in my notice- within a few weeks I had 3 job offers- one which was in my field and basically my dream job.

Not saying that will necessarily happen but I genuinely believe good karma comes to you once you get the courage to stand up for yourself and get the F outta there. If it helps, OP: I left my last job with nothing lined up for the sake of my health mental, emotional, physical. I landed at my current company within two months, and, although it took 3 years, I now make more money than ever before, have far better benefits, have incredibly supportive bosses, and have built a dream career from the crater that was my life in About four times a week, as I drive to work, I think about all the work-choices I made and how easily I could not have ended up where I am, and it scares me how close I came to not having This.

Leaving my last job with nothing lined up was the best thing I ever did for myself, in that moment and in the long-term. OP, please, please let Alison take a look. Life does not have to be this hard. OP — your job is so bad that you got and internet comments section to agree on something. Jill has managed to produce a unified and peaceful comment section, does that mean we have to give her an award now? Yeah, one thing to consider is that apart from eroding your health and well-being, spending time in this job is exposing you to really toxic workplace norms, and so the sooner you can move from that to a sane workplace, the easier it will be to move on.

Shedding the weird habits from a bad workplace can be astonishingly difficult — GTFO-ing for your mental and physical health is definitely priority one right now, but please believe me when I say getting out of this unbelievably bad environment sooner rather than later will help you in your professional life down the road. That line stood out to me too. This work environment is destroying your sense of normal, killing your health, and destroying your confidence and sense of self-worth.

Get as far away from it as you can, as soon as you can. People like Jill surround themselves with other people who they can control and who believe their lies. I have unfortunately met therapists who were manipulated by other family members and fed the sickness instead of addressing it. Laid by the therapist? He was very good at seducing them. One reacted professionally after seduction and terminated therapy, others were not so preofessional. This is just an example that therapists are frail human beings who can also stumble, be manipulated etc.

Do all the other things everyone is recommending. You may need therapy when the dust settles, OP, but go by yourself! He told me that the therapist wanted me to come in to speak to him to get some background information, and I went in in order to help him. It did not work, and there was no reconciliation.

Jill may be trying to manipulate the therapist as well. You have my sympathy, LW. I think ANY job paying at least minimum wage has got to be better than this. Get out as soon as you can. Two things 1 RUN as far and fast as you can. Once you are out go see your own therapist because this woman will still be dating your father. Letters like this, the outrageousness of it all, can keep me going for the next two days easy.

I feel so awful for OP. Either directly at Jill or document and report to anyone higher up that I could. Unless your not an Exec Assist. I came here to say that I actually had no idea what day it was this week until I read this letter and realized it must be Wednesday. You will receive sympathy gasps. On the other hand, it is almost certainly helpful to gloss over the part where they were dating before you were hired. Yeah, this is…actually a total lie. It was a personal favor.

This is terrible and you get sympathy from folks you tell about it, but the key is to present yourself as calm, professional, and clearly separate from the dysfunction. Absolutely do not prevaricate or mislead folks — that would place you right in the middle of the chaos rather than setting yourself apart from it. You could say something like: I like this a lot. It represents the situation accurately and allows you to talk about your accomplishments.

This will NOT end well. If an interviewer digs and figures out the time line, all the OP needs to do is to acknowledge that it was a rookie mistake and that she should never have taken the job. Oh gosh, you are right. But the gist is the same — a very brief explanation. Although as LouiseM points out, that wording is a little misleading, since it implies the relationship began after OP started working there which would be extremely inappropriate , when the reality is that her dad convinced her to work for his girlfriend.

A nuance I think AAM might have missed? This entire situation is so bonkers. And it is clearly not good for you at all, OP. You are absolutely not the problem. Run run run away from this job. And also, even if eventually your father comes to his senses and ends his relationship with this horrid woman, he is going to need to do some serious work to regain your trust.

Yep, you are starting to circle the drain when you begin to believe that you could be the problem. Get out any way you can. Is this a family systems therapist? It might be grossly inappropriate for a work relationship but in a sense this is family dysfunctionality as well as work hell-is it possible the therapist would be willing to tell THEM what horrid people they are being? Family therapists are generally encouraged to get as many members of the family in the therapy room as possible since systems thinking needs us to assess how any issue is impacting each person and conversely, how any person impacts the issue.

Good luck and hang in there! I got pretty far down this page before I saw anyone else use the word. I am hoping for a delicious update to this letter that includes a big helping of the therapist telling boss and dad what jacked up people they are. This is like a horror movie. I hope you find a better place and are able to move on from this. This is a hard situation to be in. I think this is the work version of a House of Evil Bees? Please get out however you can, OP. It is not in your head OP. There is nothing wrong with you and everything wrong with this situation you find yourself in.

Trust your instincts, let Allison help you with your resume what an awesome opportunity!

Boundary crossing left and right! This is text book House of Evil Bees. I would say its also the work version of Leave the Hoard. You are not the problem. Your father is wrong to put this situation on your shoulders. Your mom is wrong to tell you not to leave. This entire situation is to borrow a Captain Awkward-ism full of evil bees.

She is giving you bad advice and urging you to stay somewhere that is bad for your health. She is your boss, not a family member, and it is extremely inappropriate of her even to suggest it. This is not a time when you need to consider your career; this is a time when you need to consider your health and, frankly, safety. Get clear of Jill and her horrible, toxic ways and then you can be more choosy.

This is a terrible job working for an abusive boss and you have gone well above and beyond what anyone could ask. Take care of yourself. I would add to this- quit immediately. Just get out of there. Also, as someone whose father married the evil step mother from hell, make it very clear to him what your relationship will look like hopefully without Jill and stick to that.

Any notice period would get even more toxic. Quit by text and never set foot again. You will need to probably set strong boundaries with your Dad which should at minimum be absolutely no Jill, none, no messages from her, no comments about her, nothing and also no job talk.

Know that as long as they are together anything you say like where you are applying is likely to make it back to Jill who could attempt to sabotage your attempts. Than look at temporary and job placement agencies in your area. You can get an income working through a few of them. You may be able to find something temp to perm. This job will suck the life out of your so that you will not have the energy to job search.

It will also distort your reality and turn you into someone else. Self care is mandatory in this case. Just quit tell them they are both crazy — if you want to , wait tables, do something to have an income while finding another permanent position elsewhere. If you can, take 2 — 3 days to mentally decompress before job searching.

I worked for a small business with very similar behavior from the owner. Fortunately, I had the means to quit on the spot, but it took me a couple of days to come down from the stressed-to-the-hilt panic to which I had become accustomed. Eventually I joined a temporary agency and found a great regular job that way. OP, this sounds like it may be your first job out of school. Real jobs and professional workplaces do not operate like this. Listen to your friends and leave. Seriously, take a retail job to hold things over and quit. An irregular, unscheduled, toxic job is not a way to make ends meet.

Yes to taking a retail job while you continue to job search! I worked in a grocery store after I left my first job out of college which was dysfunctional AF, but nothing like this next-level-banana-pants-toxic situation , and my only regret was not quitting that first job sooner. The grocery store turned out to be pretty fun. Those were the best coworkers I ever had. This sentence made me sad: Jill is like a cartoon evil stepmother.

Listen to your friends. Either the therapist will nope out of this as much as you, or they are not any good. Those are all perfectly normal things to want from your job. That got to me too! A lot of that anti-millennial mentality comes from older generations who have had stable jobs for years and own homes. It was really heartbreaking to see OP believing those lies and blaming herself! Yup, my dad was able to pay for his college with summer internships. Both my parents understand how affordability works in this day and age for a variety of things, though.

Gen X here too, and that makes me so mad. Even our generation is having problems because of this stupid attitude. It is highly possible that by the time I cross the current requirement it will have moved up to 70 if the government has their way. And I was a white collar worker, I pity the blue collar who has to haul hay or drive trucks or work an assembly line. They got it worse than we did.

And probably given the way the world is going their kids will get it worse than them. Especially in the very very non labour friendly USA. Every generation loses something. My father had to hospitalize my mother every four months to get the nursing home covered under insurance. He had to find docs who would play the game with him. If I need a nursing home I will be signing my house over to the state.

Their whole age group got free tertiary education. I mean, the white Boomers got their college for free with the GI Bill, but few people of color did.

How Our Helpline Works

To wit — what you said but worse. OP, age has nothing to do with this!! The only thing in this situation that could be credited to the OP being a millennial is if the parents have a higher than healthy involvement in the OPs life and not having the life experience to recognize the situation for how bizarre it really is. No generation is immune to having unrealistic expectations. Millennials suffer from lack of experience and the people who advise them often suffer from having come of age in a different economy and job market. FWIW most millennials do not actually suffer a lack of experience at this point — it depends what definition you use but the oldest millennials are almost 40!

Most millennials have been working for at least a decade. Gen Z is supposed to be the generation after, but it seems the grouchy boomers writing WSJ op-eds are determined to just call everyone born after a millennial for all eternity. Us older Millenials do have a Generation of our own to point to! Kind of… we share it with some late X-ers. Do what you love! I remember aaaallll the self-help books with this theme. Go to college and get a nice desk job!

OP, I can feel your pain. I accepted a position that I knew I was not qualified for, after making that clear to my interviewers and being promised training on my position that training never happened. I was screamed at repeatedly for not completing projects that I was never informed existed or were my responsibility. I have stuck it out this long because I needed a job, and my mental health is non-existent.

I have panic attacks about work on a regular basis, and I am just now managing to work my way out of this situation by quitting with nothing lined up. Good luck getting out of hell. You are not a whiny kid. You sound like a smart, thoughtful, hard-working person who is, as mentioned before, in an abusive job situation. Hell, if you need a reference from this job, it sounds like the board members like you and might be willing to go to bat for you.

Get out, as soon as you can. Maybe this is going off topic, but personally, I wear it as a badge of pride, and wish others would too. Regardless of generation, age, gender, race, disability, and so on. Their parents did, their grandparents did, their great-grandparents did. And millennials and Gen Z have taken up the same principle.