Does prison of elders no matchmaking

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  1. Destiny: No matchmaking in Raids is fine, but what about the rest of the end game?
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Boards Destiny No matchmaking on Prison of Elders lvl 32 and up Be humble on your path.

You have nothing to prove to anyone, not even yourself. In terms of match making they have already explained why they do not include match making for raids. This also carries over to the higher pvp modes. If you are looking to level up or find people to play with you just ask on gamefaqs or head over to lfg.

Destiny: No matchmaking in Raids is fine, but what about the rest of the end game?

I have met some really cool people off both sites. It does stink that they don't have match making but it would most likely turn into a crap fest. So feel free to add me and message me to play or check out those sites! With a little help 34 is easy to get to; Currently playing: Destiny Feel free to add me!

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Matchmaking can't force communication, and the end game content requires communication. Add to that the AFKers just looking to get carried, and in the case of raids people who will just grab a specific checkpoint and bail. Matchmaking is a horrible idea for these activities. Nothin' beats the hobo life, Stabbin' folks with my hobo knife There needs to be an option at this point for Nightfalls and PoE up to level I understand no matchmaking for raids and PoE Because good luck getting the majority of matchmade games to do a simple qodron, much less skolas.

Hell, I quit archon priest the majority of the time on dragon strikes because I know that one of my teammates will inevitably stand back and glitch the 3 waves.

Sep 11, 4, 2 I feel like players who struggle to get to the lighthouse would have a better chance if there was random matchmaking only due to the fact you would have a bigger mix of shit teams and better odds of matching up with somebody really good, but that would only make it easier for the ones who stomp every game to do it better if you run into one. Aug 15, 2, 0 0. WheelHoss1 Member May 11, Aug 27, 4, 0 0 41 Queens. People still play this? With life being so short and all. Deku Tree Member May 11, Jun 13, 34, 0 1, Well Bungie went their own way and took out MM for end game activities specifically because it often leads to a bad experience.

They said "find your own friends to play with". And you know that Destiny continues to be a hugely played game long after other games populations have quickly evaporated I wonder if Bungie is on to something? Besides OP try the if you don't have people you know to play with. It is a great site. Marcel Member May 11, Feb 16, 11, 3 0. More options never hurt anyone other than the elitists. Syril Member May 11, Mar 28, 7, 0 0.

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Jun 13, 7, 0 Dec 11, 2, 0 Been saying this should of been done for Destiny since the beginning. Mar 10, 6, 0 0. I'd love to at least try them all out, even if I don't get far with randoms. Schlorgan Member May 11, I've just starting getting into this game again hadn't played since launch and I find the prospect of getting people together for the Raids to be really daunting.


I'd love to see an in-game example of an LFG experience that's better than the third party solutions on offer now. I can't imagine it. Not Spaceghost Spaceghost May 11, Jan 16, 12, 1 Space. No match making is only okay when you have the proper social tools in your game to put together a group at a hub or something. Nov 18, 1, 0 0 London, UK. Diablohead Member May 11, Jun 4, 43, 0 0. Destiny needed a built in make-a-room style system like PSO back in the day, let people join either with or without a pass and then go do team stuff together.

Matchmaking is fine for pvp and some other stuff but having an open lobby for other things is sorely missing. DanielJr82 Member May 11, Mar 4, 1, 30 www. I would have played the game a lot more if it had matchmaking for the modes that actually gets you good loot. M0nochromatic Member May 11, Oct 27, 2, 0 0. LTWood12 Member May 11, Mar 19, 9, 0 Arkansas.

destiny prison of elders no matchmaking

I'd love to watch a purely matchmade group attempt to complete Vosik and Aksis challenge modes. Seriously, i would like to watch that. If it's in-game it doesn't have to be better. You're immediately going to have more players aware of it, which means a larger potential pool of people to play with. Rarius Member May 11, Oct 16, 0 0. Raids not being in matchmaking was beyond stupid.

Feb 1, 15, 0 0 Liverpool. I've always said this and will keep saying this, an ingame LFG is the best of both worlds. It allows people to quickly find other people while still ensuring that the player's you find are more dedicated to spending time than straight up matchmaking. It might seem odd that there is even a difference between LFG and matchmaking considering the end result is the same but believe me when I say there is quite a bit of difference. Since LFG is an extra layer meaning it's not as "disposable" and also because you can communicate before you even form a group.

It'll be basically be like it is right now but with an ingame way to find a group. Darryl M R Member May 11, Jun 19, 16, 1 0. I think there should be mm for everything except for the raids. BreezyLimbo Banned May 11, Jul 11, 36, 0 0. Corpekata Banned May 11, Jun 7, 20, 0 0. Aesthet1c Member May 11, Nov 29, 3, 0 0 Utah. They need to figure this crap out in Destiny 2.