What do i need to hook up two monitors to one pc

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  2. Step 1: Connect the second display
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  4. What Is Needed to Run Two Monitors Off of One Computer?
  5. Step 1: Picking Your Monitor

First off, drag and drop your monitor to configure the display position.

Computer Repairs, Help and Support – Perth

If you have a second monitor on the left side of your first, but the display settings show the second monitor on the right, drag the second monitor to the left of your main display. Next, scroll down the options until you reach Resolution. This will be the main setting you would have to change in order to get your monitor in working order.

For one, Windows 10 will sometimes display your monitor at a smaller resolution than native to the display. Set your Resolution to the Recommended setting or higher. If you have an older monitor but are using a newer graphics card, you can also adjust settings to hike your resolution higher How to Get a Screen Resolution of 4k and More for Free How to Get a Screen Resolution of 4k and More for Free Did you know that you can increase your native screen resolution without getting a new monitor?

Read More than possible by default. Continue changing whatever options suit you. Orientation will allow you to change whether your display has a portrait or landscape orientation. Multiple displays allow you to extend, or mirror, your displays. Remember to select the display you want to change before you change it by clicking on the display image. To change or remove your taskbar, head to your background settings by clicking on your start menu, typing background , and selecting the Background settings option.

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  • The Complete Guide to Setting Up Multiple Displays in Windows 10?

Expand the window and select Taskbar. Scroll down until you see a Multiple displays section. To turn the taskbar off on all displays except your main monitor , set Show taskbar on all displays to Off. If you leave it on, you can decide whether the taskbar will show all pinned programs or only programs present within the given monitor under Show taskbar buttons on. Additionally, you can choose to show or hide program text labels under Combine buttons on other taskbars.

What if you have two PCs with different operating systems, and would like to use both of them at the same time? Synergy is a mouse and keyboard sharing application that allows users to use any combination of Mac, Windows, or Linux PCs at the same time, seamlessly, with one keyboard and mouse combination. Synergy is impressive, even for nerds like myself. Setting up a new Linux distro while using your regular PC? You can do that. Are you the office tech guy and constantly have to correct a coworkers mistakes, but hate walking over to their desk? Synergy does all of this and more.

Nevertheless, these are one time fees to use on as many PCs as you require. Read More on other computers for life! Now that your display is in working order, you can now think about customizing your second display. Even if you enjoy customizing displays, your work will often go unnoticed in a single display setup. With multiple monitors, you can sit back and enjoy your customized desktop or others can enjoy it for you without having to abandon your work. Part of the fun of a dual or multi-monitor background, as trivial as it may sound, is the use of multiple backgrounds.

No longer are you tied down to a stale, single background. In order to use separate backgrounds on a multiple monitor setup, open your Background settings window again. Once your window is open, scroll down until you see the Browse button under the Choose your picture category. Click on the Browse button and select the image you want to use as a background.

Once you have your backgrounds slotted, right-click on its thumbnail image. You should see a selection labeled Set for all monitors or Set for monitor X. While there are third-party applications out there which also allow for a multiple background setup, the easiest and fastest way to get it done is by default. Below is an example of two reflected wallpapers on a dual-monitor setup.

Then, on the Google images page, click on the Tools option beside Settings. While not an exact science, this Google search should provide you a flurry of appropriate, high quality images to download and use.

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  • Connect Monitors to the Computer;

Finally, head to your background settings again and Browse for your wide image. Then, under the Choose a fit option, select Span. Now you know how one background spanning multiple monitors looks. Now that you know how to configure multiple wallpapers, the natural next step is obvious: Setting up a video wallpaper on one or both of your monitors is now a breeze using a well-recommended software from the Steam store, Wallpaper Engine. What if you could be greeted by a living, seemingly breathing, character of your own choice?

We show you how to make that happen! To get multiple videos on multiple monitors, open Wallpaper Engine. You can also extend a single video to span your monitors via the Layout option in this window as well. In this window, switch to the Workshop tab. Work your way through the selection, select one of the choices, and click the Download button on the right side of the screen.

This tab functions as a library for your video wallpapers. Keep in mind, this method only allows you to download popular video wallpapers via the Steam Workshop. You can also download and install your own videos as wallpapers in the application as well. Simply click on the button labeled Open from File on the bottom of your window and find your own video file. Then, navigate to your Installed tab, click on an option, adjust your settings on the right-hand side of your window, and select OK.

You now have stunning, crisp video wallpapers on every monitor at your disposal. Here we share how overclocking works, complete with a step-by-step guide to safely get a performance boost out of your CPU. The Windows Desktop Customization Tool Rainmeter is the ultimate tool for customizing your Windows desktop with interactive wallpapers, desktop widgets, and more. Our simple guide will help you create your own personal desktop experience in no time.

It allows users to create a simple or complex multi-monitor setup easily. Download and install Rainmeter. It looks like a trapezium with holes in it. Plug it in to the monitor. Now, you can either duplicate the display or extend it. Extending the display means that you can complete two tasks at a time whereas duplicating the display means that you have exactly the same screen on both displays.

I have an HP laptop and I have connected a 2nd monitor. Everything works, but there is one problem. The "scale" or "zoom" is different. This includes the screen saver. I've been battling this issue for 2 years, the best suggestion I have is to "co-ordinate" the resolution of both monitors.

This is tricky because there is no hard and fast rule with this, no matter what anyone says. The reason is that the resolution "capability" or "range of settings" of each monitor is different! In a sense you have to find the "happy medium". Hi Tom, Im 11 so I'm not that good at tech so this might be wrong. I had this when I first connected my laptop to my PC.

The answer is simple, the screen resolution on your monitor is not as good as your laptop's. What you neeed to do is right click on the home screen and the choose screen resolution and then the control panel will pop up and then choose the highest screen resolution. If you want to maintain the same screen resolution as your laptop, extend the display instead of duplicating it.

I have a Lenovo Flex laptop, with a core i5 processor 1. Previously I used one external monitor for the benefit of a larger screen and I told the computer to duplicate the screen onto the external monitor and to "do nothing" when I closed the lid so I could set my laptop aside when working at home. So as of right now, I have the same setting - do nothing and I set my laptop aside. Thank you from the bottom of a very technologically challenged, but eager to learn, fan member's heart! I would highly reccommend extending the displays as this essentially gives you two laptops in one.

So right click on the home screen and choose screen resolution. Then where it says multiple displays click on the arrow and then choose extend: I am able to get a computer screen and a TV screen set up where the computer screen is a mirror of the laptop screen and the TV Screen is the extended screen. Everything seems to be working fine but I am trying to watch video surveilance footage on the large TV screen, the data gets choked up and the video will not show on the TV.

If I mirror the large TV with the computer monitor everything works fine. But there is some issue when I try to use the Extend function. Cant figure it out. I constantly have my e-mail up on the Hyundai and do all the rest of my work on the HP. Works well for me but admittedly, I'm not a gamer. How did u set yours up? Im trying to do the same on my asus but one monitor goes to sleep as soon as i connect the other.

If I start the comp with both connected then only the hdmi works. Your instructions were very clear, that if you start trying to do more, and you strike out, go back to square one, but as others have pointed out, how do you get back to square one? When you don't know how you got where you are, by mistakes the mistakes you've made.

Step 1: Connect the second display

Trial and error, Ryan, set everything back to default, yes, thanks for the guiding light, your help is appreciated,. I have a situation where I am trying to do extended desktop with my laptop and a second monitor on a vga connection with one monitor being a generic pnp monitor and the other non pnp. When I do it the second monitor turns off and says there's no signal.

I have a graphics card with 1 vga and two monitors with vga will the computer that has 1 vga be detected when the card is installed, thanks. But lately it's not showing the VGA port monitor anymore. The monitor is on and working fine, and sometimes it'll display at start up, but when I'm actually on the computer I get nothing. It's really confusing me and I'm wondering why it's doing this. On the step in the advanced settings it's not showing my second monitor now, even though it's been working previously. I have two laptops one with windows 7 and one with windows xp.

The Benefits of a Second Monitor

I also have a gateway monitor. I would like to create one desk top with all 3 screens. Most of what I read is two monitors and one laptop. I have all we programs on one system, and accounting on the other system. I would like to open a app program on one computer, and my accounting on another, and have Internet on my monitor all using the same mouse for all three screens.

Ryan, Here is what we are trying to do with dual monitors: One of the my physicians would like to work from home. Her office set up is with dual monitors. Main desktop is on the left and extends her desktop to the second monitor. She prefers to run 2 applications simultaneously, 1 on the main desktop monitor ultrasound imaging software and 1 on the extended desktop monitor electronic medical record software, Epic.

She likes to copy and paste information from one application to the other. We tried connecting to her work PC using a remote client server. She was unable to extend her desktop to the second monitor at home. Should she be able to extend her desktop to the second monitor at home then? We are currently waiting on authorization for the VPN. Office workstation had Windows 7 Professional. The host computer needs to have Ultimate installed to allow the dual monitors to work using remote desktop.

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Upgraded to Ultimate and it works great. Our current set up is this: The host computer work has dual monitors and is running Window 7 I think Professional, but not sure The remote computer home has dual monitors and is running Windows 7 Ultimate. Once connected to remote desktop keep this in a plain window do not maximize and then resize the window to span both displays.

Dependingly on the mutual position and display-specific resolution it may full or partially cover both displays. Ryan, How do you make the laptop screen as the 3rd screen rather than close the lid? I would like to use it as the 3rd monitor as well.

How To Connect Two Monitors To One Computer

But only have the ability to use 2 LED monitors and not the laptop. Typical laptop with Intel or built-in graphics can support only TWO video streams. To be able to connect more displays one needs Intel Graphics or higher. I have an His Radeon HD an i still can't get two monitors to work lol i have hdmi 1. With that am gonna get a second monitor, maybe a 23 or 27 inch.

Very useful while video editing, working with different files, even when panning games though it would look bad. Thank you for these very useful information. Thank you acer designers, for not making me shave off my vga connector. I think the graphics is on board. Is it possible to connect 2 monitors to this 1 output and get extended view across the 2 monitors? I found it quite easy to do that and have both monitors and the screen as extended displays.

The thing that puzzled me is the laptop seemed slower when I used it without the external monitors, though that may have been altered perception. I didn't notice any slowdown when I extended my display, but you never know. If you're setup includes the use of a card that draws additional power or CPU usage - I suppose there's a possibility.

There's always the issue of different hardware designs. It could have been altered perception, but you never know without running benchmarks and testing it out. Well, I'd expect a bit of slowdown the more displays I attach, since the computer has more to draw on the screen every render cycle. But I actually noticed the opposite. If I still had it set up like that I'd run some benchmarks. As a web developer I'd love that, but that's going to be expensive - in terms of rewriting IE-only apps, training the workforce to use the new apps, and lower production while they get used to the change.

I have seen setups with more than three displays.

What Is Needed to Run Two Monitors Off of One Computer?

If just getting two to work, then those setups must be a real nightmare to pull off! I'm thinking of using two PC's with synergy running. Then again, I wonder what the limit is between using synergy on one PC after another? That's something to try out and write an article about. Now where can I find 4 to 6 monitors to try this out. From my experience the dual screen setup makes things easier and more productive. I do a lot of programming and app development, and one thing i can say is i will never go back to single screen.

Once your hooked to it you can't go back. It's really painful when I have to resort to doing work on a single little laptop screen when I'm mobile. Im considering to buy a second monitor for my setup.

Step 1: Picking Your Monitor

I have a hdmi output,and the question is next: Haven't seen a CRT in years now. I'd rather keep 1 monitor than have to extend to that at this point. It was a big-screen monitor that I had spare in my shop - nearly as much screen-space as the flatscreen display. I used it because I'm too cheap to go out and buy a new one for demonstration purposes - give me a break.

I did have a client once who had a desktop machine and also a large screen monitor which he wanted to be able to show videos to clients on in another room controlled from his desktop. I never got it to work properly. We managed to get the video on the large screen, but we couldn't get it to fill the large screen as he wanted. The user interface for using multiple monitors is just brain dead as well. If you click something wrong, you end up all over the place and spend most of your time recovering back to something that works.

It really ought to be simpler. I agree - the nice thing about the Intel driver is that the graphics options have a section for "displaying onto a projector", which might have worked for a situation like you describe. A lot has to do with the abilities of the video card s and the driver software. That actually sounds easier than I would have thought.

I assume that the desktop version would be basically the same thing. If you have a non-Retina version, you can hook up one monitor or multiple by using an external device such as one from Matrox http: How to Use Two Monitors: Productivity How to Use Two Monitors: Email Facebook Whatsapp Pinterest Twitter. Stay informed by joining our newsletter!

Read our privacy policy. Find your guidance helpful will try and revert on success. Hi So I read it however could not get the whole of it I guess. Great article, thanks for the help, totally resolved my problem! Would appreciate any ideas to resolve the issue. Gentlemen, Another amazing article clearly explaining the step-by-step procedure