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  1. 13 Dorm Room Hookup Confessions That Will Make You Go OMG
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13 Dorm Room Hookup Confessions That Will Make You Go OMG

I'm an undergrad student lol. Originally Posted by Caesar RA figure of authority.

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  • RA hooking up with resident.

Sick pictures of resident bro. So i'm going to continue Originally Posted by Flapjacko. Why would you not go all the way down and work your whole range-of-motion!?

Cartoon Hook-Ups: Raven and Starfire

RA figure of authority Pepper thy angus You heading to jail homie. Originally Posted by pat Originally Posted by Buegie. Originally Posted by iliveintn.

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I consider RA's less of a figure of authority than a mall cop. Is he writing me up because I never called him again?

The hook up ra sushi

Yet another possibility is that you are overly confident: If you do get busted by your RA after having or continuing to have a relationship with him, it makes him doing his job more personal as well. He puts his job first and makes you pour it out and writes you up. Do you really want any more emotions stacked on top of the pain of losing all of that perfectly good alcohol? Many of them sign up to save money on housing— and I think saving money in college is something we can all relate to.

In that case, I recommend having an adult conversation and weighing the pros and cons of pursuing your feelings, or even looking into swapping floors for future semesters. You might also want to find out if he has a reputation for seducing his advisees Van-Wilder-Style before you get in too deep. There are plenty of other fellas on campus to make regrets out of, so why make a mistake with someone who is pretty much in charge of your living quarters?

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