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  1. Hooters Girls Tell Wild Stories Of Having Sex With Customers
  2. Hooters Waitresses Tell Shocking And Naughty Stories
  3. IAMA Former Hooters Girl! Ask Me Anything! :) : IAmA
  5. How do you hook up with Hooters waitresses?

I asked one of the girls we'll call her Jane to a picture of me and my friend this is a really good, easy, functional opener.

Hooters Girls Tell Wild Stories Of Having Sex With Customers

The first couple of pics come out fuzzy, I teased her about being a bad photographer, eventually her friend takes the photo and Jane hops in the picture with us. I began to talk to her while engaging the group. Found out that she is in school studying art and education. I teased her by telling her it sounded like she was studying to become a trophy wife.

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Then told her some of my favorite paintings and opinions of art. I made a cold read that was spot on. We ended up playing two truths and a lie.

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On a side note, playing two truths and a lie with a girl is a really good way to DHV. The fact that its a game and they assume that all three of your responses have some chance of being false allows her to figure out for herself what is true about you after she guesses. For example, I told her that I was an All-American tennis player, I have jumped in every major body of water surrounding the USA and that my family is super rich.

She didn't think I was an all-american tennis player but the lie was that my family is super rich. So with out me directly telling her, she learned that I was good at sports and that I've traveled around the country a bit.

Hooters Waitresses Tell Shocking And Naughty Stories

Another side note, having opinions about art has been super helpful running sets. It just always seems to come up. Later that night, she found me again and we left together after dancing for a while and making out on the dance floor. We went back to my place and hooked up. A week later we started dating.

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Its been 3 months now and things are going well. Because I'm dating one of the waitresses, I spend an above-average amount of time at Hooters and get to learn about the girls. These are the major things I can tell you: They work in an environment where they are on display as sex-objects essentially competing for attention from customers over their rival waitresses. Tensions run high and they all are a little loopy from all the attention they get from being attractive.

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IAMA Former Hooters Girl! Ask Me Anything! :) : IAmA

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Wow; this question is 28 minutes old and no one's answered. I was really looking forward to some critical how-to.


Honestly, asking them out on new year's is not your best bet. As for the tipping, It could go 2 ways. If you tip generously, it might make you seem desperate, and these girls get hit on alot, so you have to stand out from the crowd. On the other hand, they might feel obligated to give you their numbers ;. Even as a guy, a sure thing is nice, but I'd much rather go for a challenge. A few seconds after submitting this, I just realized this. The hooters girls are there showing off their body for a bigger tip so obviously money is an interest.

How do you hook up with Hooters waitresses?

If you guys are planning on doing something awesome for new year's then it can't hurt to pitch it to the waitresses and see if that's something they'd be interested. In fact, I think this might be the best way to go. I didnt feel like erasing all the other stuff because it took me awhile to write haha. Hooters New Years Eve. Well be straightforward and ask "what are you girls doing for New Years Eve?