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  3. 10 Ways to (Somewhat) Understand How It Feels to Have Fibromyalgia
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I think sometimes I would settle for the frog.

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Dating can be a minefield. Do I tell them upfront about my illness? Do I explain the ins and outs of fibromyalgia before we meet? Or do I keep it simple, drinks and comfy seats?

Tips For dating with fibromyalgia

When you meet one person, what you tell them could go down perfectly well. But the next person, not so much. You have to decide which way you want to go, feel comfortable in that decision and just stick with it throughout the whole process.

My route has always been to tell them everything. The good, the bad and the embarrassing. I make light of it, make jokes and just tell it like it is.

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This also means I can plan dates that are within my energy range and that are within my travel range. No need to exert myself more than I can manage. I will always have to give so much of me to my fibromyalgia.

You’ll need a new login link.

But in order to survive, and to be a functioning human, I have to. Please know that this is so I have the strength to give you all of my good days. But on my bad days, I just have to fight to be alive. And that is time-consuming.

10 Ways to (Somewhat) Understand How It Feels to Have Fibromyalgia

You can now share your poetry or poetry you love by using the hashtag MightyPoets. The only way you can create true intimacy is by letting your guard down and showing who you really are. The best way to reveal something like this is little by little as someone earns your trust.

Remember the interesting, vibrant person you were before your diagnosis gave you new limitations. Most people with fibromyalgia try to minimize their symptoms and keep from showing them to the world.

If You Love Someone with Fibromyalgia You Need to Know This

Most people choose to be a little more adventurous when dating so that they seem like a good sport. While being open-minded is always useful in a relationship, you need to respect your limits when you have fibromyalgia. If you know that something is going to push your physical limits to a point where a flare is likely, you need to speak up.

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Opt out of the extreme sports and the all-night rave. Your ideal date needs to be able to accept that your wild adventures need to be toned down a bit. The plus side about disclosing the fact that you have a chronic illness like fibromyalgia is that it weeds out the jerks pretty quickly.