Dating a remington 740

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Dating a Rifle

This has been rebored to a 35 Whelen Improved. The one on the right again a , but with a shorter barrel that I made into a knock around quad rifle with pivot mounts. They however continued to mark the date code on the end flap of the shipping box for shotgun barrels however. They planned on using just the serial numbers to tell when the gun was manufactured.

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So there was a 2 year gap in rifle date coded barrels and the normal consumer, or gunsmith would have to contact the factory for this information. You will notice the year code repeats itself, but over 20 years difference, so even if it was used on the same model, in all likelihood sights or stocks would be different which would indicate the different date.

Also some letters were left out if there was a chance of misidentifying a date.

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Also they jockeyed year letters to a new starting point in If you find marks on the underside of the barrel, they will more than likely be fitters or assembly marks, which mean nothing as to dating the firearm. To find general manufacturing dates it may be best to go to the Blue Book of Gun Values, which does give manufacturing dates of most models.

They all have them.


I married a Remington , by the way! Originally Posted by oneoldsap. That is honor, and there are way too many people in this country who no longer understand it. For Remington - look up the "Sticky" above concerning their serial 's. Originally Posted by Tnhunter. Ever mess with a Winchester??

Remington Barrel date Code

BB code is On. All times are GMT Are you positive about that model number? I just looked in the "Gun Trader's Guide," and they don't list a They do list a A Woodmaster that was made from , and the Woodmaster that was made from Both were available as carbines in. It's possible that your barrel has been shortened some time in the past.

Woodsmaster Remington 740 first year production January 1955

If it was shortened , whoever done it did one heck of a job. As Eddie said, I've never heard of a Model Woodsmaster and cannot find it in any documentation. I can tell you this, however, that gun does NOT predate serial numbers.

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Remington has been serializing their guns since the 19th century. Date codes and other markings but not serial numbers.

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I have looked all over this gun for numbers is there someplace else on it i should look? Did Remington do custom work? Could you order a gun with a shorter barrel? Twenty five ought six Banned Jun 19, Your first post is incomplete.