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How do you decide if a place is easy to get lucky in?
  1. These Are The 10 Easiest Cities to Get Laid In Wisconsin
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  3. Finding balance between fun and finals: Your guide to free events this weekend

The hook-up crown belongs to bars, where the presence of alcohol compounds hormonal excitement and lowers inhibition. Campus bars are a fertile hunting ground for finding that elusive mate? The problem is such motivation usually comes with a sense of urgency. If you could only pick one, you might as well go with the best place to find a piece of ass, the Kollege Klub.

For over 50 years, students have checked some sensibility at the door and ventured into what can simply be described as an escape from reality. It is hard to explain, but I think I have an idea: These things do happen frequently at the KK, and it hardly creates a stir.

It does feel at times that everyone at the bar is looking to get laid. More than likely, the usual suspects will take that spot. Sorority girls, fraternity guys, athletes, jersey chasers, and everything in between find their way to the KK. He is lucky to make it out alive. The weekend is definitely prime time in a quest for some action.

The highlights of the food options in Madison obviously revolve around cheese. You can grab cheese curds at so many places and you should get them fried whenever possible. Enjoy the summer sausage sandwich, the fish fry, and obviously drink an Old Fashioned. The Great Dane is a good spot for dinner and house a wide selection of beer from the in-house brewery.

The nachos and fishy fry there are the best option.

These Are The 10 Easiest Cities to Get Laid In Wisconsin

You're easiest best is to run through there for a slice during the day because the line goes out the door and down the block after the bars close. It's worth the wait though, so hang out and make some friends while trying to figure out which house has some after-hours going. One of the best burgers around can be found at the Weary Traveler in the form of the bad breath burger. You can also grab an awesome burger at Dotty Dumplings, which of course also has some well-known cheese curds. You should find something to enjoy between the scramblers or the pancakes.

The Kollege Klob aka the KK is where things get wild and dirty. You won't need your drinking glove, but you won't get any weird looks if you're wearing it.

Hookup bars madison wi, Dating site message template

We're talking cheap beer, lose girls, and mayhem in this place on the weekends. Down the street at the legendary State Street Brats, you can kiss the water buffalo to get a free birthday shot. The place is an institution, but you might be able to find more fun elsewhere. They have great people and regulars.

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I'm having a similar struggle. I moved up here to Madison last August and haven't been able to make much for friends, I've met countless souls who just haven't stuck around. I'm not a student so it's already a bit difficult for me to fit in with some groups. My roommate is really the closest person I have up here with a few side acquaintances who might hang out on the weekends.

I personally not the type to do things solo but I'm never afraid to be by myself and I think romance is an option that I should start to take seriously.

I'm in my early 20's so there are plenty of people for me to talk to but making friends is the issue. Maybe a place like the Wisco would work for you? Dating apps for me almost always never work, we go out for a coffee, maybe a 2nd date but it always ends there, I feel like those relationships are too orchestrated and unnatural.

Let me know if you get any good suggestions, maybe we could grab a beer sometime. I've been to Wisco once on a Monday? I'm weird, I like going out not on weekends. I mean, on days when I'm bored and Netflix or videogames seem unappealing. But it was great! One of my better times meeting folks, even if all we did was shoot the shit and play darts. I relate to all of this, but especially the going out on weekdays desire.

I also feel isolated when going places here to try and meet others. I have like friends here and I'm in a long distance relationship but I've been struggling meeting new people since moving here in January. Would be down to meet up if you are. Biking broken thumb rn out of picture , disk golf, music, producing music, board games, video games, cooking, beer, coffee, other psuedo-nerdy shit. Most of those things are definitely in my wheelhouse.

Well, except producing music, making music is fun though.

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Great, I figured haha, just throwing that out there cause it's a big portion of my hobby-life. Glad to hear it, perhaps all three of us should plan a meetup soon! I've been trying to figure out how to send a group message through reddit, but it looks like that's not a thing: All of that sounds really fun!

I only have 2 friends in the area and am open to meeting a bunch of new people. I don't have a bike but I can play Soccer and golf.

Here's a look at some Singles Meetups happening near Madison.

I'm very interested in song-writing and production so maybe we could learn something off of eachother! I'm a huge nerd when it comes to games and computer-like stuff! I suck ass at both soccer and golf but I like soccer and I am willing to try more golf lol. And great, I also find a balance of socializing with nerds to be a slippery slope but you seem down to earth as hell!

Frisbee golf to me is always a good one. I respect that, as well as the sport. Also it's a sport I could probably be doing with this temporarily useless left hand injury. I love disc golf, only went to one course around here though. It would be a great small-group activity. I live in the Middleton region so I'm not too keen on driving far out if I'm going to drink. But I'm getting to a point of boredom with video games and general lack of interaction to where I'm really down for anything.

Finding balance between fun and finals: Your guide to free events this weekend

Shoot me a DM if you're ever really bored and wanna get out! I'd love to have a conversation. If you figure it out, let me know I've tried hanging out at Nomad to watch some weeknight soccer games and there are only weird old dudes there..